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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 November 2006, 18:15 GMT
Thursday, 2 November, 2006
By Simon Enright
Producer, BBC Newsnight

Crime and surveillance

Police surveillance

Apparently our kids are the most badly behaved in Europe, yet we're also the most watched society in the democratic world. But if that's the case why aren't we monitoring our unruly youth better? And is it the law abiding citizen who suffers the most from the big brother society. Justin Rowlatt has been out and about investigating.

We also have an exclusive report with PC "David Copperfield" the secret policeman blogger. He gives us an insider's look into how the police manage their resources.

Baghdad Blogger

The verdict in the trial of Saddam Hussein is expected this weekend. But when it comes will anyone in Iraq care? Our Baghdad blogger Salam Pax gives us his unique take on the trial of the former dictator and his reaction to seeing him face to face for the first time.


Madonna told us last night that David Banda, the Malawian child she would like to adopt, had no granny, and that his father had refused money to look after the child. We were surprised when she said it so we double checked on the ground in Malawi. You'll be surprised who we met in David's former village.

Funding Africa

And who is the new big donor looking to save Africa and why are they doing it? Stephanie Flanders on why China is Africa's new best friend.

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