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Last Updated: Thursday, 5 October 2006, 17:10 GMT 18:10 UK
Thursday, 5 October, 2006
By Kirsty Wark
Presenter, BBC Newsnight

Jack Straw
Presented by Kirsty Wark

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Over the last 24 hours, the place of Muslims in the UK has been brought into even sharper focus.

Jack Straw has been accused of being selectively discriminating by asking Muslim women if they would remove their veils when they visit his constituency surgery.

Three people are being questioned over a series of attacks on a Muslim-owned dairy in Windsor.

And Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, has ordered an urgent review of a decision to excuse a Muslim officer from guard duties at the Israeli Embassy in London.

Richard Watson is on the ground in Windsor and we'll be debating whether the full veil can hinder understanding between communities.


Its been hailed as a "wonder drug" for treating blindness, but despite the accidental discovery of the benefits of the bowel and breast cancer medication, Avastin, it still hasn't been licensed to treat eye disease.

Liz MacKean will be speaking to patients who have been fighting for access to the drug.

We're chasing responses from the manufacturer and the government.


There's a new book out in the US which is causing a stir. The J Curve is an attempt to sum up in one simple graph what is arguably the world's most pressing geopolitical challenge: how to turn authoritarian regimes into stable, open democracies.

But can it be applied to ALL countries, or only those open to the western way?

Paul Mason will be testing out the curve and talking to the author live.


And we'll be reporting on the return of Daniel Ortega, the former bete noir of American foreign policy.

The former Sandinista leader is back trying to gain power in Nicaragua, this time through the ballot box in Nicaragua's elections next month.

But with a quirk in the election laws and the powerful backing of Hugo Chavez, he could pull it off. Jonathan Beale reports.


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