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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 September 2006, 18:33 GMT 19:33 UK
Statement from ExxonMobil

Response for Newsnight

Contrary to the inferences made in the recent reports in the media and allegations by the Royal Society, ExxonMobil had no involvement with the CEI's advertisements, nor in the Al Gore film spoof.

The Royal Society's letter and public statements to the media inaccurately and unfairly described our company. Our views on climate change are clearly described in our company publications. We know that carbon emissions are one of the factors that contribute to climate change - we don't debate or dispute this. We agree with scientific assessments which conclude that climate change poses risks that may prove to be significant for society and ecosystems. Consequently, we should take, and ExxonMobil is taking, steps to reduce and minimize carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations. As well, we support approaches to reduce emissions more broadly in ways that are cost effective for society and that consider the uncertainties that remain.

Over the coming century we believe that risks associated with growing global greenhouse gas emissions will best be addressed by the development and global deployment of innovative technologies with far lower greenhouse gas emissions. To promote that objective we are a founding sponsor of the Global Climate Energy Project at Stanford University which is focused on pursuing breakthroughs in technology necessary to deliver large amounts of energy with much lower carbon dioxide emissions.

ExxonMobil gives financial support to organizations which research significant policy issues and promote informed discussion on issues of direct relevance to the company. These include topics such as international affairs, environmental issues and market economics. These organizations do not speak on our behalf, nor do we control their views and messages. Our financial support for such organizations is publicly posted on our web site.

We review funding of these organizations on an annual basis. As we are currently in that review process, it would be premature for us to discuss specific funding decisions for any particular organization.


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