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Half 'against funding animal labs'
Laboratory rat
Newsnight will debate animal testing on Thursday 27 July

More than half of people believe taxpayers' money should not be used to help build more laboratories to carry out tests on animals for medical research, a poll for Newsnight suggests.

A total of 57% of respondents said they did not want public money spent on building laboratories, while 40% thought it was right that taxpayers' money be spent in this way. A further 3% said they did not know.

The figures are revealed on the day the Home Office published its annual figures on animal testing. According to the figures the number of experiments on animals carried out in the UK rose by 41,300 last year to 2,896,000.

The full results from the ICM poll - of 1,001 people - will be revealed in a vivisection debate to be broadcast on Newsnight on Thursday 27th July on BBC TWO at 10.30pm.

Newsnight debate

Newsnight and BBC Oxford are co-hosting the debate in Oxford with a distinguished panel of national experts representing both sides of the debate.

Speakers include controversial activist Mel Broughton representing SPEAK (Stop the Primate Laboratory at Oxford University) and Professor Tipu Aziz from Pro-Test, who campaign in favour of continued animal testing and in support of scientific research.

It is thought to be the first time that the pair have debated publicly on the issue.

Newsnight debate
Thursday 27th July, 2230BST
Speakers including Mel Broughton from Speak and Professor Tipu Aziz, leading member of Pro-Test

The debate will be broadcast on Newsnight and the Newsnight website, and will also be transmitted on BBC Radio Oxford and BBC South Today the following day. It will also be available on the BBC Oxford website.

The evening will begin with a report setting the scene for the debate outlining how Oxford has found itself at the centre of a controversy about the building of new animal vivisection laboratories; the lengths that both sides are prepared to go to and how things are likely to pan out assuming that opposing groups will never agree.

The debate will cover a wide range of issues surrounding animal testing with Gavin Esler leading the discussion. If you have a question you would like Gavin to ask the panel please use the form below.

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Continued rise for animal tests
24 Jul 06 |  Science/Nature


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