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Last Updated: Monday, 10 July 2006, 15:40 GMT 16:40 UK
Monday, 10 July, 2006
By Gavin Esler
Presenter, BBC Newsnight

Presented by Gavin Esler

Intelligence Services

MI6 headquarters
Is all well at MI6 headquarters?
Do you trust MI5 and MI6? After the fiasco over intelligence and Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and over the recent police raid in Forest Gate, the answer may be no.

So is the body which oversees the Intellgience service on our behalf - the Intelligence and Security Committee - up to the job? We speak to their former investigator and current Chair.

The Killing Fields

Another weekend of carnage in Baghdad. Our reporter, the Baghdad Blogger Salam Pax, puts a human face on the inter-sectarian misery with a guide to how to stay alive in Baghdad.

That Headbutt

Why did Zinedane Zidane lose it in the World Cup Final? Could it have something to do with a 1998 attempt by the National Front to claim that his father was an Algerian collaborator with France.

Shamil Basayev

He was Russia's most wanted - and today they claim to have killed the man they blame for the Beslan massacre. We assess his importance.


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