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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 May 2006, 18:03 GMT 19:03 UK
Tuesday, 23 May, 2006
By Liz Gibbon
Programme producer, BBC Newsnight

Presented by Jeremy Paxman


Don't forget to send us your questions for Thursday's debate between Chief Executive of McDonalds UK, Steve Easterbrook and leading McDonalds critic Eric Schlosser, author of 'Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food'.

Mark Oaten
Frontline politics is like drug addiction according to Mark Oaten
Mark Oaten

It was only four months ago that the would be Liberal Democrat leadership candidate Mark Oaten went into hiding after a tabloid exposed that he'd had an affair with a rent boy.

Tonight, he's made an extraordinary film for Newsnight - claiming that the pressures of his job made him come off the rails. Frontline politics, he says, is like a drug addiction,

He talks to a psychiatrist, a journalist and a fellow MP about the scandal that engulfed him, and confronts the extent to which he can claim that the pressures of his public life were really to blame for the decisions he made in his private one.


The Home Office Minister Tony McNulty told Newsnight his "head would be on the block" if by this March the Government had still failed to meet its target to deport more failed asylum seekers per month than had come into the country.

Well today the Government claims that it has reached the so called "tipping point". But is the pledge all it seems? David Grossman is on the case.


Paul Greengrass made his name in drama documentaries such as Bloody Sunday and Omagh before moving on to helm the Hollywood blockbuster The Bourne Supremacy. His stated aim in writing, directing and producing United 93, the story of the only plane not to reach its intended target on September 11th, is to find a plausible truth.

The film was made with the blessing of the relatives and shot in real time, improvised with actors and professionals who were on the ground that day. It premieres at Cannes on Friday - Kirsty has the first interview with Paul Greengrass.

Big Read-all-about-it

And some other unforgettable images from September 11th in our quest to find the most memorable front page of the last 100 years. Pauline Neville-Jones makes the case for the Daily Telegraph from the 12th September 2001.

Worth a punt?

And - is gambling good for society? With the government set to announce the shortlist of new casinos tomorrow we'll be exploring the moral case for them.

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