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Last Updated: Friday, 19 May 2006, 16:13 GMT 17:13 UK
Friday,18 May, 2006
By Robbie Gibb
Programme producer, BBC Newsnight

Presented by Emily Maitlis


How much more can we take?
Conversations with the Tax Office on the question of illegal immigrants have become a little surreal.

'If a fake National Insurance number is used, can you flag it up and tell an employer?', we asked.

'I'm not telling you', they said.

'Is it a secret?' we asked.

'I'm not telling you that either'.

Do we need investigative journalists on this programme or therapists?

We DO know the Immigration Department has had to suspend contracts with its cleaning company after it was discovered to have been employing illegal immigrants. Those five have been arrested. But just how many more is the government employing without any idea it's doing so?

We talk to illegal migrants and employers tell us it's totally pointless to register workers legally because the system is in absolute chaos.


Also, tonight, the UN has told the United States that any foreign jails it runs - i.e. Guantanamo Bay - are illegal and should be shut down.

Funnily enough, judges tried to shut down Guantanamo almost fifteen years ago when it was being used to hold hundreds of Haitians captive in inhumane conditions as they tried to make their way into America. Were lessons learnt then? Clearly not.

Big Read-all-about-it

And, Mrs Pankhurst makes the front page. Her arrest - splashed on the Daily Mirror nearly a century ago - is chosen by Clare Short as the most memorable front page. So, plenty of women you wouldn't mess with tonight, but in the friendliest sort of way.

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