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The pitch
Stuart Denman
By Stuart Denman
BBC Newsnight

OK, here's the deal.

It's a weekday morning. A dozen or so weary producers trundle into air-conditioned hell and hunch themselves over a pile of newspapers.

Tom Cruise
Not this kind of pitch
Inky fingers twitch their way across cold keyboards as a handful of PCs whirr grudgingly into life, and a chorus of mouse clicks breaks through the quiet chatter of rolling news on the output editor's TV monitor. You get the picture.

The same thought bolts around the room like a startled bunny: "gotta get an idea... gotta get an idea". Then, with the assurance of a cockerel at dawn, it's the editor's call: "Okay, guys - let's meet!"

Actually, it's not as bad as all that - I don't believe people really get inky fingers these days.

Nevertheless, within half an hour of the day team's arrival at work, everyone is huddled together like codgers around a gas fire. Ideas are thrown in, chewed up, spat out, laughed at or applauded before the producers are catapulted back into another frantic day.

You and me, baby

So, here's the real deal: Newsnight wants you to throw your own ideas into this eclectic mix by pitching them directly into our morning meeting.

A football pitch
...nor this kind of pitch
How? Well, that's where yours truly comes in. The plan is that you summarise your idea for the programme or the website in a short e-mail and send it to me - then I relay it to the team on your behalf.

Include your phone number and, if the idea is met with the necessary smidgen of breakfast-starved enthusiasm, we may even put you on our speakerphone to pitch out loud - assuming one of us is able to work it.

Consider what you might send us. Is there a story out there that you think we should investigate? Do you have a new angle on a story that's already in the news? Maybe it's just a good idea you've been sitting on for ages that you think would suit the programme.

So how about it? Just think - with your brains and my reading skills whadda team we'd make!

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