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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 April 2006, 12:54 GMT 13:54 UK
Ethical links
So many of you have been inspired to write to us for more information about what you've seen in our Ethical Man series.

Producer Sara Afshar has put together a list of useful links:

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Organisations that give advice on saving energy:

Energy Saving Trust: www.est.org.uk

National Energy Services: www.nesltd.co.uk

Association for the Conservation of Energy: www.ukace.org

Home Heat Helpline: 0800 33 66 99

Portable Meters:

The Electrisave (the device Justin used in his report): www.electrisave.co.uk

Wind Turbines and Microgeneration:

British Wind Energy Association - advice on wind turbines: www.bwea.com

Micro Power - promotes home-based and small scale sustainable power generation: www.micropower.co.uk

DIY wind turbine that Justin tried in his garden: www.windtrap.co.uk

Wind turbine that Justin has applied for to go on his roof: www.windsave.com


Zedfactory: www.zedfactory.com (who are helping Justin with his turbine)

Switching to a Green Energy Supplier:

Green Electricity Marketplace - website that gives you advice on and compares green energy suppliers: www.greenelectricity.org

Thermal Imaging:

Ti Thermal Imaging (who did the thermal imaging for Justin's house): www.thermalimaging.co.uk

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