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Last Updated: Monday, 27 March 2006, 17:03 GMT 18:03 UK
Monday, 27 March, 2006
From Robbie Gibb
Programme Producer, BBC Newsnight

A detainee rests inside his cell at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
Presented by Jeremy Paxman

Guantanamo Bay

Tonight, we bring you an exclusive report that reveals how action taken by UK authorities led to "extraordinary rendition" by the Americans, eventually leading to two detainees being flown to Guantanamo Bay. Much more later.


Spare a thought for Kirsty Allsopp, property guru for Location, Location Location, who took her first foray into party politics today with David Cameron, only to be confronted by Michael Crick.

The politician's "occupational hazard", as Mr Cameron called him today, was there to find out why the Conservatives have yet to publish details of who has loaned them money. He'll tell us tonight what he found out.

And we have an interview with the former Conservative Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke.

Police neglect

Eight years ago, Christopher Alder was left dying in his cell in Hull while the police looked on, some chatting and laughing. Footage recorded just two hours after his death shows officers making monkey noises and other racist taunts.

The police watchdog has this afternoon published its report on the incident, which it calls "disgraceful". We'll bring you the details.


Israelis go to the polls tomorrow to choose their next prime minister. Our diplomatic editor, Mark Urban, will be live from there, with an interview with the former head of the Israeli secret services.

Israel election contest tightens
27 Mar 06 |  Middle East

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