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Thursday, 23 March, 2006
By Kirsty Wark
Presenter, BBC Newsnight

Norman Kember
Presented by Kirsty Wark

Norman Kember

Tonight we'll be delving into the Norman Kember operation that led to his release.

Mark Urban will tell us how the special forces prepared for, and carried out the rescue.

We'll also be speaking to a former hostage about the kind of ordeal Norman Kember has endured, and the importance of faith.

Gordon and the NHS

This morning the Chancellor insisted that NHS reforms and deployment of "turnaround teams" would help management in a "small" number of hospitals to deal with their financial problems.

But aren't the deficits and job losses a result of government policy?

And as Newsnight has reported already, the number of hospitals and Strategic Health Authorities in financial straits is greater than Gordon Brown acknowledged.

So is there no alternative but yet more job cuts in the NHS? I'll be asking the Health Minister, Jane Kennedy.

Jobs bank

We have an astonishing film from Flint, Michigan, where a deal done by the unions means that there are now 8,000 car workers being paid to come to the factory every day - but not to make cars.

The so called "Jobs Bank" costs millions, and it's an example of why the big three US car firms are so uncompetitive.

In suburbia...

And how do the suburbs sound to you? Do they conjure up American Beauty, The Truman Show, or Edward Scissorhands? Or Terry and June?

The think tank Demos has published a report today insisting it's time to celebrate suburbia. It wants us to reinvigorate our sense of community with communal spaces and barbecues.

We've sent Stephen Smith is search of the perfect suburb.

See you at 10.30pm.

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