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Last Updated: Friday, 3 March 2006, 18:04 GMT
Friday, 3 March, 2006

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From Gavin Esler:

We don't do God - or do we?

Alastair Campbell famously dismissed the idea that God played an important part in the decisions taken within New Labour.

Tony Blair, in an interview for Parkinson to be broadcast tomorrow, says that God will judge him for his decision to go to war in Iraq.

How much God should there be in our politics anyway? As Abraham Lincoln once reflected, when asked whether God was on his side during the civil war, perhaps the important question is whether he was on God's side. Discuss.

Labour and money

When it comes to scandals, some say the Tories are undone by sex, and the Labour party by money.

Why is it that so many Labour ministers find Mammon more of a problem? Peter Mandelson, David Blunkett and now Tessa Jowell have all been scrutinised for their links with the business world.

Our Business Correspondent Paul Mason looks for an explanation.

Truth and reconciliation

It happened in South Africa, it may well happen in Northern Ireland. Is it possible for the victims on both sides to come to terms with, and even forgive, those who caused such grievous pain?

What would it take to forgive a member of a paramilitary organisation for killing your friend or loved one? And what kind of atonement should the paramilitaries make?

We'll explore Northern Ireland's emotional heart.

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Should God be involved in British political life?


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