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Last Updated: Thursday, 2 March 2006, 17:51 GMT
Thursday, 2 March, 2006


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From Kirsty Wark:

The Jowell and Mills story

One thing is clear from the row over the Cabinet Minister Tessa Jowell and her husband David Mills' financial dealings - they have a thing about changing their mortgages.

How could they be bothered with all that form filling? The Cabinet secretary, Sir Gus O'Donnell, is presumably lying down with a cold compress on his head after wading through mountains of paperwork, before declaring today that Tessa Jowell did not break the ministerial code.

Sir Gus did chastise Ms Jowell for failing to declare monies received by her husband, apparently as gifts.

But the story twisted in several directions today. Apparently David Mills applied for a job in Dubai, as recently as November, and was name dropping the PM and his own wife.

But he denied he was under any financial investigation - perhaps thinking that businesses in Dubai never turns to Google. Newsnight has more revelations.

Ming is crowned

Menzies Campbell has won a decisive victory to become the leader of the Liberal Democrats. In an interview a few moments later, he said that some people had thought he should have been the Liberal leader after David Steel.

Well, 19 years on he has finally made it. He immediately promised to modernise the party - begging the question, why had Charles Kennedy failed to do so?

We'll have an interview with the political long distance runner.


"I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees."

That's what the US president said four days after Hurricane Katrina, but now we have the film showing him being fully briefed by the experts days before - and it wasn't even a secret camera!

Did he just forget? We'll report on how this is affecting his already plummeting poll ratings.


China's cities are an environmental disaster - with off-the-scale levels of pollution. But now the most populated country on earth is trying to go green. Is it all too late?

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How realistic is the new green vision of China's government?


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