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Tuesday, 28 February, 2006

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From Gavin Esler:

Education, education, education

The education white paper is finally published today. We'll be assessing the prospects of a political rebellion within the Labour Party and asking whether the finished product was really worth all the pain.

The Education Minister Lord Adonis and the former Education Secretary Estelle Morris join us live.

David Mills

The investigation into the business dealings of David Mills, husband of the Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, continues.

We'll have the latest.

Bird flu

As from today if you own more than 50 chickens you will have to put them on the government's poultry register, as part of the measures aimed at containing bird flu.

But what if you don't do as you are supposed to do? Who will be counting? What sanctions can there be against you? And what if you have 49 chickens? Why are you left off the register?

We'll be reporting on the latest measures that may - or may not - help contain the disease.


The murder of John Monckton exposed huge lapses by the probation service, according to a report published today. But did it demonstrate something more basic: that prison works?

It's obvious that if the people who killed Mr Monckton had been in jail for previous offences instead of supposedly being supervised in the community, then the murder could not have happened.

We'll debate whether the Monckton case shows lapses within the probation service or something more profound - the need to put violent criminals in jail, and keep them there.

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Is the government's poultry register a useful control measure?

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28 Feb 06 |  UK Politics

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