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Monday, 20 February, 2006

Jeremy Paxman

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From programme producer Jasmin Buttar

Bird flu

As European agriculture ministers meet to discuss the response to the spread of bird flu, the government accepts the risk of it reaching our shores is "higher than it has been".

But although many of our European partners have now ordered farmers to bring poultry indoors, the British Government is simply warning ours to "prepare plans".

Our Science Editor, Susan Watts, asks if we really are prepared.


David Irving has pleaded guilty at a trial in Vienna to charges of denying the Holocaust.

But should you really have laws that ban certain views of history?


With nuclear power being increasingly touted as the answer to our future energy needs, we examine how Finland is building a new reactor.

Could it be a model for the UK?


And regular viewers will know we've been taking a keen interest in the fate of the Radio 4 UK theme, that has been axed after 33 years.

Now the cheesy pop supremo Mike Flowers has masterminded a re-recording of the classic tune and Stephen Smith has had a sneak preview.

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