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Friday, 17 February, 2006


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From Kirsty Wark:


Expert witnesses in a court case will no longer be held to account for their opinions, following a ruling today that has seen Professor Sir Roy Meadow restored to the medical register.

The consultant paediatrician had been an expert witness in a number of high profile cases including that of Donna Anthony, Angela Canning and Trupti Patel, but it was his evidence in the case of Sally Clark that led him to be found guilty by the GMC of gross professional misconduct, and struck off.

Today Mr Justice Collins reversed that decision, and in doing so set a new legal precedent. Tonight we ask whether this will change, fundamentally, court cases which use expert witnesses.


Tomorrow morning the first Hamas dominated parliament in history will be sworn in on the West Bank.

Already Israel has said it is considering withholding taxes and customs it collects on the Palestinian authority's behalf, while the Quartet made up of the US, the UN, the EU and Russia has hinted it will reconsider future aid.

Two days ago the US congress passed a resolution calling for direct US aid to the Palestinians to be halted if Hamas does not renounce its call for Israel's destruction. Russia, on the other hand, has invited Hamas' political leaders to Moscow for talks.

Is there a split ahead?

Lib Dems

Michael Crick seeks out the Third Man. Who is Chris Huhne, of the trio of Lib Dem leadership candidates? What does he believe in? What are his passions? And does he have any noisy skeletons rattling away in his wardrobe?

And then with one swift move I'll join our guests on Newsnight Review...


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