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Wednesday, 15 February, 2006

Martha Kearney

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From Martha Kearney

Abu Ghraib

New images of abuse at Abu Ghraib prison have provoked widespread condemnation across the Arab world, in the United States and Britain.

The photographs, broadcast on an Australian television channel, were taken at the same time as the notorious ones of US soldiers humiliating Iraqi prisoners in 2004.

Private Lynndie England was jailed for her part in the scandal, along with a number of other American service personnel.

We'll be examining what these new pictures add to what we already know about what went on at Abu Ghraib. We'll also be discussing the possible response on the ground - given the already charged atmosphere after the Danish cartoons and controversial footage of British soldiers' treatment of civilians in al Amarrah.

German test

In that context David Sells reports from Germany on how one state has introduced a citizenship test that seems to be weighted against Muslim immigrants.

German citizenship test causes uproar


And grime, if you didn't know, is Britain's answer to US hip hop and it is apparently the next "big thing".

Now grime stars are collaborating with the BBC Concert Orchestra and Steve Smith has had an exclusive preview of the result.

I would give you more details of our live guests but as I write, we are at that interesting stage of a Newsnight day when producers seem to have several phones clamped to their ears talking to many different time zones at once.

I used to panic that the studio chairs would remain empty and I would end up talking to myself for forty minutes but experience has taught me that the Micawber Principle is alive and well on Newsnight.

"Something will turn up."

To find out who exactly turns up, you'll have to tune in at 10.30pm.


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