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Monday, 13 February, 2006

Jeremy Paxman

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From programme producer Liz Gibbons

It's a big day for Gordon Brown.

His relationship with Tony Blair was being billed as a "joint-premiership" over the weekend.

But late last night, a fault on Tony Blair's plane grounded him in South Africa, leaving Gordon Brown, temporarily at least, all but in charge, all by himself.

He's now under pressure to head off a potential defeat on the ID cards bill tonight. And he's also delivered a significant speech this morning ranging well beyond his brief as Chancellor - touching on security, terrorism, community integration and the armed forces.

Tonight, David Grossman will be analysing the "handover strategy" - and finding out how Labour MPs feel about Gordon Brown's renewed closeness to Mr Blair.

Michael Crick will have the latest on the ID cards debate, with the crucial vote happening just before we go on air.

And we'll be seeing how all this, plus the Dunfermline by-election result, is playing on the GorDaq. It's been hovering around the 101 mark for a week or two - will it be up or down tonight? Unbearable tension.

Iraq beatings

The Ministry of Defence has just announced that it was members of the 1st Battalion of The Light Infantry who were filmed beating Iraqi citizens in a tape which the News of the World revealed over the weekend. Mark Urban has been analysing the footage.


It's 10 years since the Maoist uprising in Nepal. Many thought they would be a flash in the pan, but Sue Lloyd-Roberts reports on how they are wielding power across the country, despite the increasingly autocratic tendencies of the Nepalese king.

Military stalemate in Nepal

Do join Jeremy tonight at 10.30pm on BBC TWO.


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