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Thursday, 9 February, 2006


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From Kirsty Wark:

Following the very public anger among some Muslims here and abroad over the Danish cartoons, Newsnight's Tim Whewell has been investigating the increasing phenomenon of holocaust denial and anti-Semitism in Middle East media - print and TV.

Not only is there a multitude of examples, but the imagery predates the Danish cartoons.

Freedom of expression or unacceptable insult?

I'll be asking Prince Hassan of Jordan. He established an interfaith council which attempts to increase understanding between Jews and Muslims.

Billie-Jo murder trial

Sion Jenkins delivered a blistering attack on the police after his second retrial for the murder of his foster daughter Billie-Jo ended today.

After 40 hours of deliberation, the jury announced there was no possibility of reaching a majority verdict.

Outside the Old Bailey Sion Jenkins accused the police of being "wilfully blind and incompetent" and called for the case to be reopened.

He went on, "Billie-Jo's murderer has escaped detention because of the dreadful errors in the police investigation and their single minded and desperate determination to convict me at all costs."

Is he right? We'll be discussing it.

Stem cells

Hwang Woo Suk, the South Korean scientist who fabricated stem cell research which purported to show that his team created stem cells from the world's first cloned human embryos, was suspended from his post at Seoul National University along with six other professors in his team.

The revelation that his research was largely fraudulent was a huge blow for people whose future depends on such medical advances - and also for South Korea's standing in stem cell research.

Susan Watts has been investigating the state of stem cell science in the wake of the controversy.

Reality check for stem cell research


Students these days, eh? If you believe a study by Oxford University, undergraduates are a crowd of illiterate, innumerate dolts, incapable of independent thought, whose idea of intellectual inquiry is checking the TV listings.

And whose fault is it? Apparently the blame rests with the way A-levels are taken in "bite sizes".

That has resulted in students who want to "learn and forget" rather than "learn and know".

We'll be putting that to the test and finding out what employers think about the current crop of graduates.

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