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Wednesday,8 February, 2006


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From programme producer Mary Wilkinson:


Kenya launched an appeal today for $220 million in aid to help save three and a half million of its people from starvation.

The country is facing its worst drought in 40 years. Hopefully urgent food aid will be forthcoming but the country's dependence on overseas funds to feed its people makes allegations of government corruption all the more shameful.

In an exclusive investigation for the Ten O'Clock News and Newsnight, Feargal Keane reports on allegations of graft at high levels within the Kenyan Government.

Does further aid, as Britain's former high commissioner to Kenya, Sir Edward Clay, so graphically put it, risk feeding "the pig of corruption"?

Flip flops

It's a conundrum that has been exercising the best of New Labour's brains - how best to deal with David Cameron?

With all the changes Cameron has announced, it's been hard for the governing party to pin him down for long enough to attack any one policy.

Instead, they've decided to use all the changes as an attack in itself, branding him Mr Flip Flop.

But will it work? It did for George Bush against John Kerry in 2004 but it didn't for John Major against Tony Blair in 1997.

David Grossman will be assessing whether flimsy footwear leaves the wearer nimbler on their political feet or more likely to get their toes trod on.


At a meeting in Cairo today the political leadership of Hamas said the organisation would not bow to pressure to recognise Israel despite international threats to cut aid to any Palestinian Government that they head.

"Hamas does not recognise Israel and we won't accept anybody in the world forcing us into a corner," said Khaled Meshaal, Hamas' political chief.

So no change there - or is there?

He went on to tell the BBC: "In reality now we say that if Israel withdraws to 1967 borders there could be peace and security in the region and agreements between the sides until the international community finds a way to solve everybody's problems."

David Loyn has spent the last few days in Beirut talking to Palestinian refugees and the Hamas leadership, and explores the possibility of the party eventually accepting a two state solution.

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