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Wednesday,1 February, 2006


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From Kirsty Wark

News has come through that is bound to send the GorDaq up.

The Chancellor has hired the former head of the US Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, as an unpaid advisor - Newsnight viewers will remember Gordon Brown invited Alan Greenspan to Kirkcaldy where he delivered the Adam Smith memorial lecture.

We should have been alerted by the paean of praise the Chancellor penned in The Times on Saturday: "No man has done more to ensure that the world enjoyed two decades of growth and can face the challenges of globalisation with confidence."


But we're planning to kick off with a follow up to last night's Westminster drama. Who's afraid of Hilary Armstrong?

Certainly not Labour MPs, it seems, if last night's double defeat is any test.

An embarrassing day for the Chief Whip - she had sent the prime minister to bed before the second vote - and they lost by one vote!

So are we going to see a rash of indiscipline in upcoming crucial votes? The education reforms must be giving Ms Armstrong a migraine!

Martha Kearney has news of some wheeling and dealing over education to try to whip the rebels in.

US oil

What is the political calculation behind George Bush's admission in his State of the Union speech last night that America is "addicted to oil"? Can he actually do anything to change it?


From Northern Ireland, as the IMC delivers its report warning that it believes the IRA is still "gathering intelligence", we report from the province on the worrying level of control the IRA has over groups that are supposed to deliver restorative justice.


The sky at night may soon be filled with altogether different stars. Can Newsnight save the London Planetarium?

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