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Wednesday, 25 January, 2006

Jeremy Paxman

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From programme producer Kate McAndrew

Good news and bad news for George

The good news for George Galloway is that the Daily Telegraph has lost its appeal to overturn a 150,000 libel award to him. In so doing, Mr Galloway also won't receive a bill for legal costs of about two million. So for him, so far so good...

The bad news is that the MP could now face the reopening of an inquiry by the parliamentary commissioner for standards which was put on hold pending today's judgement. The serious fraud office is also considering whether to mount a formal investigation into the Iraq payments allegations. And the icing on the cake, this morning the Sun newspaper released video tape of Mr Galloway greeting Saddam's son Uday Hussein.

Gorgeous George, though, is blissfully unaware of all this news - good and bad - because he's incommunicado in the Big Brother house. But tonight he's tipped to be one of the housemates evicted, and a hungry press is waiting outside the door.

He's been criticised for neglecting his constituency work while taking part in the Channel 4 programme, though he says he did it to re-engage young people with politics, and talk about important issues.

As the series comes to an end, the images we will associate most with Mr Galloway now are him pretending to be a cat, and as a red leotard-wearing robot.

Was it all worth it, or was it a massive misjudgement which will tarnish all politicians? Our political correspondent, David Grossman, will be live at the Big Brother house. He really will.

Palestinian elections

We're only a few hours away from knowing abut the future shape of the Middle East. Our Diplomatic Editor, Mark Urban, will be analysing the early results of the Palestinian elections which will come in this evening.


Paul Mason is looking at Google in China.

And as the nominations close for the Lib Dem leadership, there has been even more bad news for the party as one of their parliamentary candidates, Adrian Graves, has defected to the Tories with veiled hints that others are to follow. Greg Neale looks back at the the Liberal Democrats' long history of shaping political ideas, and its struggles as a party.

Due to the use of archive footage, we are unable to make Wednesday's programme available online - so all the more reason to join us at 10.30pm on BBC TWO.

Kate McA

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