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Thursday, 19 January, 2006

Jeremy Paxman

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From programme producer Liz Gibbons:

Ruth Kelly

It was billed as the toughest day of her career. The Education Secretary, Ruth Kelly, gave an emergency statement to the Commons today about the sex offenders' row.

She promised to implement the proposals recommended by Sir Michael Bichard in the wake of the Soham murders, and to bring the sex offenders' register in line with so-called List 99 - the "blacklist" of people banned from working in schools.

Has she done enough to convince her critics she has got a grip on the issue? We hope to be talking to the Education Secretary a little later.

The controversial proposals about the future of schools, which Ruth Kelly has the unenviable task of steering through the Commons, are also under scrutiny tonight.

Senior MPs and the former Labour leader, Lord Kinnock, are unveiling an alternative education paper at a meeting in parliament tonight.

What chance does she, or for that matter the Prime Minister, have of steering their way through this next minefield?

We'll be talking to, amongst others, the former Education Secretary, Estelle Morris, who is very uneasy about the schools reform plans.

Cannabis review

As we predicted on last night's show, Charles Clarke has now announced that, following a review of the status of cannabis, it will not be re-classified as a Class B drug.

It will remain in Class C despite new fears about the drug's potentially harmful side-effects.

Has his decision clarified or confused things? We'll be speaking to the Home Secretary.


    Soldier's tale

    And a fascinating tale about what happened when a 26 year old British director decided to engage in a bit of "extreme auditioning" in Iraq.

    Do join Jeremy at 10.30pm.


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