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Tuesday, 17 January, 2006


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From Kirsty Wark


Tonight we'll be going all out on David Cameron. By that I mean examining whether his abandonment of just about every known Conservative policy is to do with principle or strategy - is this about making an unelectable party electable - whatever it takes?

Today David Cameron addressed his MPs at Portcullis House to try to steady nerves and set out the route map that he and his band of advisors think will take him to Downing Street. Might there be simple maths involved - that it would be worth alienating right wing members and voters, in order to try to scoop up soft Labour, and Liberal Democrat votes?

Policy supreme, Oliver Letwin, will be in the studio facing three Tory thinkers - Tim Montgomery of, David Green of Civitas and Melanie Phillips from the Daily Mail. What do they make of where David Cameron is trying to lead the party on education, health, the economy and the environment?

David Grossman will set out the details on policy changes, Martha Kearney has been sounding out MPs and Michael Crick buries himself in the polling evidence.

And we'd like to hear from you about where the Tories are headed - tonight viewers this is a truly interactive show - e-mail us from now on today and live tonight and we can put your views to our political guests.


Also Susan Watts admires Pluto from the near distance as the unmanned spacecraft New Horizons - expected to blast off at 18:24 hurtles towards the planet - but is it a planet?

It should be a blast


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