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Peter Barron
By Peter Barron
Newsnight editor

Newsnight editor Peter Barron feeds back on the week's events in news and the Newsnight office...

JULY 2006

Paul Mason's blog
On with the music...
Peter's back from holiday to find his blog record beaten, a worried blogger and a video podcast.
An eye
We're watching you...
Daniel Pearl explains why Newsnight watching other people's blogs isn't "spooky"...
Righting rights
Newsnight takes great pains to clear and pay for copyright material. Does everyone else?
Jeremy Paxman
What should Newsnight be?
Should Newsnight get serious? Or is there a place for wit, humour and mischief?

JUNE 2006

Image from the podcast section of the Guardian Unlimited website
Pictures on the Radio
Peter and the Guardian's Emily Bell exchange a few pod-words about Newsnight's podcast
Ms Kitka
Top of the Pods
Peter considers Newsnight's podcast rival, the incomparable Ms Kitka...
Eggsclusive - the old ones are the best
How a few bad egg puns tickled Newsnight's producers...
Kirsty Wark shows off the England flag
Arsenal - the conspiracy theory
Peter responds to critics of our Arsenal report, and Kirsty shows off our cheap competition prize
Diary of an anxious editor
An expectant Peter records his feelings before a Newsnight investigation goes to air

MAY 2006

Is blogging the new black?
Blogging - exciting, cutting-edge interactivity, or just a load of sad people typing?
Come on in, it's lovely
Peter reveals the secrets of the Newsnight cone and the people who worry about Steve Smith
Peter Barron plays guitar
I'll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours
Peter's been allowed to play guitar on the Newsnight theme
Newsnight 1
Hands off that paintbrush
The Newsnight set build gets underway and Michael Crick says goodbye to the faithful Newsnight helicopter

APRIL 2006

David Sells
Newsnight on TV, online, on paper
Newsnight's at the heart of a flaming row, and David Sells is leaving the show after 26 years
An e-mail inbox
The smooth and the rough
Peter finds himself in the odd position of having praise heaped upon him via e-mail
Michael Howard
Make your own news
Michael Howard turns Newsnight correspondent, and we invite viewers to pitch their own ideas
Inside Latin America
Short sentences and silly voices
It's Latin America week, but some of us have had our minds on baking

MARCH 2006

A cat
NN podcast - 41 with a bullet
So now we have a cat on the website, and it has nothing to do with the Newsnight mouse
Jeremy Paxman and an iPod
Put Paxman on your iPod
At last we can announce the arrival of the long-awaited Newsnight podcast
Frankie Howerd
Titter ye not
Newsnight has listened to its audience and sent Peter Barron to have a new picture taken
A pizza
Pizza is better without cheese
I'd like pizza with aphorisms, please - and go easy on the greasy, molten scab
John Hurt in the film Shooting Dogs
Something worth watching
Why drama has the power to make you feel emotion in a way news reporting rarely can


Justin Rowlatt
Music and ethics
The editor's a bit deaf, and Ethical Man is getting advice on composting toilets
Stephen Smith
When will Steve Smith write his biog?
The GorDaq's down three points and Paul Mason has gone all Eurotrash
Anjem Choudary on Newsnight
This website's on fire
How our debate on Islam and the West saw viewing figures rocket on TV and online
Muslim youth members of the Al-Aqsa Martyr brigades burn the Danish flag in Kalandia
Those cartoons: right or wrong?
The huge reaction before and after Newsnight's coverage of the Prophet cartoons row


George Galloway
Never say never
Newsnight and Big Brother, Radio 4's UK theme, and the Newsnight set
Colin Powell and Bill Clinton during separate Newsnight interviews
Interview a statesman, design a set
It seems that world leaders are just like buses...
Charles Kennedy
It's official: politics is a turn-on
There's a change in the air as Newsnight leads with the Lib Dems for four days running
Avatar versions of Jeremy Paxman and Paul Mason
Geeks, Gak and Newsnight
2006 begins with Geek Week and a defence of our Pete Doherty interview


2005 end of year graphic
Newsnight end of year quiz
Can you remember Newsnight's key moments of 2005?
Lawyers Clive Stafford-Smith and John Cooper
Newsnight on trial
Facing reaction to Newsnight's 'Allies on Trial' special
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson
Allies on Trial
Why Newsnight is staging a special programme on war crimes allegations
Judith Miller
Difficult decisions and charm offensives
Our Judith Miller interview; John Sweeney; and George Best


Part of Newsnight's media player
Broadband - like TV only better
Newsnight enters a new age with BBC TWO and broadband
Jeremy Paxman in the Newsnight studio
What is the point of Jeremy Paxman?
Debating Paxo, plus Newsnight's interviews with the two Davids
Peter Barron accepts the Media Tenor Global TV Award 2005 from Roland Schatz
Could you do better?
Why 'Newsnight outshines domestic and international competitors'
A squirrel
Smears, the Sun and squirrels
From David Blunkett's resignation to a defence of the grey squirrel

Has China's housing bubble burst?
How the world's oldest clove tree defied an empire
Why Royal Ballet principal Sergei Polunin quit

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