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Wednesday 1 June, 2005

Jeremy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman

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Wednesday's programme, presented by Jeremy Paxman, covers the following stories:

Lights out?

The Dutch are having their say on the European Constitution with recent opinion polls suggesting they will repeat the rejection of the French.

During the campaign the finance minister warned that if the Dutch voted no it would be "lights out over Holland", and he's since said he has his candles ready.

Tonight the results of the referendum will be coming in as we go on air. We'll be going live to Michael Crick who's with the voters in the Netherlands. And Jeremy will be asking a European commissioner how Europe intends to extract itself from the mess.

Newsnight viewers have their say

We have the first results of our plea to viewers to come up with your own plans to get Europe out of its crisis.

Jackie Long will be talking to several of them to see if they can do better than Giscard D'Estaing and the European Commission.

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Crisis through history

Jean Monnet, the French inspiration behind the European project, once said that Europe would be made by crises and the solutions to crises.

We've asked our in-house historian Greg Neale to look back at how Europe weathered previous storms, to see if he can come up with any tips for our modern commissioners.

Modelling the universe

And we've had exclusive access to the brains behind the biggest ever computer model of the universe, which is being unveiled today.

The scale of its complexity is mind-boggling (imagine having to do 10 trillion trillion trillion calculations).

And if you're wondering why they went to the effort: it should help explain how the universe began - and how it might end!

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