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Last Updated: Monday, 16 May, 2005, 11:05 GMT 12:05 UK
The nuclear debate

On Monday 16 May, Jeremy Paxman chaired a Newsnight debate from the Energy Gallery of the Science Museum in London.

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Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks
Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks
The world's greatest environmental challenge is climate change and the time to act is now. A dire warning from the prime minister but, if he's right, where's all the action?

According to Britain's top scientific body, the Royal Society, the British Government's climate change policies have failed.

It's calling on the government to address the issue of climate change in the Queen's Speech and to find the balance between having enough affordable energy whilst also cutting UK emissions.

Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary David Willetts
Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary David Willetts
Energy Minister Malcolm Wicks, Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary David Willetts and Liberal Democrat Energy Spokesman Andrew Stunnell joined a range of other guests all taking part in the debate.

Where will the energy we'll need for the future come from and what can we do about our insatiable appetite for it?

The Newsnight Debate was broadcast on Monday 16 May on BBC2 but online viewers can watch again by clicking on the link at the top of the right-hand column.

Newsnight debate
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