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Monday, 5 December, 2005

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Pre Budget Report

Has the gloss finally come off Gordon Brown's economic record? The Chancellor was on his feet at 3.30pm this afternoon using his language skills and a battery of measures to try to turn a down turn in the economy into a success story. In a simple sentence he revised his growth forecast for this year down from 3-3.5% to a mere 1.75% - in line with what just about every other forecaster predicted a year ago. He assured us he was still more than meeting his Golden Rule, to borrow only to invest, but we're investigating what is buried in the small print of the report to see what public spending sacrifices he might have to make to achieve this in the longer term.

The men who would be king

And what does this mean for Gordon Brown's chances of securing the top job? One bookie has now put the odds on David Cameron winning the next election at 6:4. So the Chancellor would be well advised to watch our film about the man most likely to become Tory leader tomorrow. David Cameron has been tailed by two young independent filmmakers over the past five weeks. Just one of their many revelations; his favourite Smiths record! And some of the more bizarre methods he has employed in his desperation to give up smoking.

CIA Flights

Watch her lips. The US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice insisted today that the US had not flown terror suspects to other countries to be tortured, begging the obvious question. No, but were they tortured there anyway? She also refused to address the allegation that the CIA has an international network of secret prisons outside America. We've been doing some research for her.

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