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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 April 2005, 16:54 GMT 17:54 UK
Wednesday 27 April, 2005
Jeremy Paxman
Jeremy Paxman

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Wednesday's programme, presented by Jeremy Paxman, covers the following stories:


For decades the Republican movement has guarded the secrets of its decision making closely. There have been claim and counter claim about whether Sinn Fein's two most prominent leaders are or are not running the IRA. Now Newsnight has established what we believe to be the identity of seven members of the IRA Army Council. Among those named by our sources as serving members of the Army Council are three prominent figures in Sinn Fein who it is understood were elected to the Army Council in 2002. We will be talking live to Sinn Fein's Chief Negotiator, Martin McGuinness.


Martha has been looking into Labour's education promises, which include radical plans to transform secondary schools, but the ideas are causing upset in the party.

Blair vs Howard

David Grossman will be reporting on the latest blows delivered in the Blair Howard contest.

Plaid Cymru

And in the last of his interviews with the nation's political leaders, Jeremy will be talking to Plaid Cymru's Westminster leader, Elfyn Llwyd. There's a debate in the party about whether they stand for no-holds-barred independence, and if they don't want it, what's their USP?

Newsnight turned 25 on 30 January 2005. You can visit our special anniversary website to find out more about the programme's history and watch the first Newsnight ever broadcast.

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