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Tuesday, 29 November, 2005

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From programme producer, Kate McAndrew


It didn't exactly go to plan. Tony Blair was supposed to deliver a heavily-trailed speech to the CBI at 9.15 this morning, the centre piece of which was to announce a new review into the nation's energy needs with a focus upon finding out if a new nuclear programme was the way forward. News 24 and Sky prepared to take it live, but the cameras became distracted by a man up in the rafters.

He looked like a security guard in a suit and hi-viz gilet, but he unfurled a banner saying "Nuclear: wrong answer", and as he crawled along a high iron girder, the word "Greenpeace" was revealed on the back of his jacket. In danger of falling on to the assembled mass, and after some heated communication between the CBI chief and the man in the roof - now joined by a friend - the PM was bundled off into a side room to deliver his speech cheek by jowl with the invited guests, and the constant interruptions of mobile phones, TV cameras, photographers, and noises off.

"I'm going to give this speech if it's the last thing I do!" Tony Blair joked as he began, but the panto-style scenes at the conference are a metaphor for how controversial the issue of nuclear power still is. But the PM's apparent openness to the nuclear option will please the nuclear industry, so used to having short shrift from the left. No respectable Labour vehicle used to be complete without a "Nuclear Power, No Thanks" sticker, so why has Labour changed its tune? David Grossman is investigating.


In January, Ian and Angela Gay were suspected of poisoning one of the three children they were planning to adopt. The child later died and the couple faced court proceedings. The court heard that Christian Blewitt aged three was poisoned with four and a half teaspoons of salt. Ian and Angela were found guilty of manslaughter. But an investigation by John Sweeney for Newsnight and File on Four, Radio 4, suggests Christian may have died of diabetes insipidus - salt diabetes - despite the fact the jury in the case was told that natural causes had been ruled out

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Our reporter Tim Whewell is at Bow Street Magistrates to try to find out what's going on in the case of the two people charged under the Official Secrets Act for allegedly leaking a memo containing what's alleged to be a conversation between Tony Blair and President Bush. Leo O'Connor, 42, and David Keogh, 49, spoke only to confirm their details and they were bailed until January. But how can the case proceed when defence lawyers haven't seen the memo? And why did it take the Government so long to decide to prosecute?


And we're looking into allegations which first surfaced last week that the CIA has been flying terrorist suspects to secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Suspicions about what's going on have been further fuelled by the refusal of America's Secretary of State to deny that al Qaeda suspects are being held in secret camps. The EU is demanding an explanation. Peter Marshall, who's been investigating for Newsnight, reveals more details of the CIA flights - and a growing rift among allies in the war in terror.

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