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Monday, 28 November, 2005

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One downside of the accession of the eight Eastern Europe countries to the EU in May last year, is the increased ease with which traffickers can get women and girls into the UK only to trick them into forced prostitution. Today, following a long covert investigation, four Albanian men were found guilty of trafficking young women from Lithuania - one just 16 years old - and then imprisoning them in a brothel.

Tim Samuels has spent the last year investigating the racket and speaking to some of the victims. There are reckoned to be as many as 6000 women lured here from abroad each year to be worked as prostitutes, but despite evidence that the scale of the problem is growing why is the UK not among the majority of EU countries who have signed up to a European convention against trafficking. Why not?


Gordon Brown is embroiled in the row about pensions, and the story keeps on changing. The latest disagreement centres on the deal the government struck with the unions that would allow existing public sector workers, but not future employees, to retire at 60, even if the general retirement age is hiked to 67.

There are conflicting signals from Number 10 and Number 11 about whether all bets are off on the deal. And there's an investigation into who leaked the letter from Gordon Brown to Lord Turner, head of the Pensions Commission, that kick-started the controversy. Michael Crick has his spade and is digging.


The biggest environmental summit since Kyoto opened today in Montreal. Thousands of environmentalists and government officials are there trying to thrash out an agreement on environmental targets which will replace the Kyoto protocol which expires in 2012.

But just how well is Britain doing? Tony Blair has used his place on the world stage to speak repeatedly about climate change but do we have a track record of which we can be proud? Susan Watts examines the steps the government has taken to get each of us to clean up our act.

Watch for all this and more besides.


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