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Last Updated: Friday, 25 November 2005, 17:57 GMT
Friday, 25 November, 2005

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Ghost jails

Are there secret CIA detention and torture compounds on European soil?

The Council of Europe is investigating the allegations, which surfaced earlier in the month in the Washington Post.

The investigation is looking at satellite imagery, and flight records to determine whether illegal operations have taken place.

The US based organisation, Human Rights Watch, has identified Poland as a possible site, and also Romania. Both countries deny involvement in covert so-called CIA jails. The Pentagon has refused to confirm or deny. We are digging.


George Best

There is much sadness over the death of one of the world's most talented footballers, George Best, whose skills still inspire young players.

We'll be speaking to someone who's come to know him very well.


Until recently, Uganda was feted by the West for its progress on stability and growth under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni, but his treatment of the opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, has caused unease abroad, and fear at home.

Mr Besigye was today bailed on treason charges but sent straight back to jail on outstanding military charges.

He is accused of conspiring with rebels, including northern Uganda's notorious Lord's Resistance Army.

Today President Museveni, attending a Commonwealth summit in Malta, defended a recent change in Uganda's constitution which allows him to stand again after two terms as president, but said that no one would stop Kizza Besigye standing against him.

Tony Blair is due to raise the issue with him. What will he say to the president? And, crucially, will Mr Blair get support from other African states over his concerns?

Newsnight has an exclusive interview with Mr Besigye's wife.


And Paul Mason takes us deep into the internet.

WEB2 is the latest business buzzword. To true believers it means companies like Google, Yahoo and ebay are laying the foundations for a whole new profitable period of innovation.

The proponent of WEB2 is John Battelle. Paul interrogated him over whether the whole thing is hype, and then tested WEB2 on venture capitalists - who have to lay multimillion dollar bets on it NOT being hype.

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