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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 November 2005, 16:42 GMT
Wednesday, 23 November, 2005

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From programme producer Jasmin Buttar


New licensing laws which allow pubs to open for longer come into force at midnight.

It seems that almost all the major players in this saga have changed their positions to fit the shifting public mood on drinking.

We track the evolution of this historic legislation and quiz the cabinet minister in charge, Tessa Jowell.


We reported yesterday on allegations that in April 2004 President Bush raised the possibility of attacking Al Jazeera's broadcasting headquarters.

According to the Mirror newspaper these comments were noted in a leaked government memo.

Now the UK's attorney general has reminded newspaper editors who reveal the details of this memo that they could be charged with breaking the Official Secrets Act.

What is the government afraid of? Could there be even more damning allegations to come?

Tim Whewell has the latest.


No one seems to be sure whether Britain is facing an impending energy crisis.

Predictions of the coldest winter in a decade coupled with fears of rising gas prices and energy supplies are causing serious concern.

Despite assurances from the energy minister that Britain is "awash with gas" the Prime Minister hardly allayed concerns in the Commons today when he conceded there were "difficulties with gas prices".

Our business correspondent, Paul Mason, asks what's really going on and whether the government is really prepared for what might be in store.


The NHS in East Anglia has announced overweight people might be denied knee and hip replacements.

The trust is blaming financial difficulties for a further tightening of belts.

As the cost of medicine rises, is it time we considered rationing health care in accordance with people's behaviour? Should we classify patients as deserving or undeserving?

We'll discuss that thorny issue tonight.

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