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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 January 2005, 17:19 GMT
Newsnight 25 January 2005
Jeremy Paxman

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Tuesday's programme, presented by Jeremy Paxman, covers the following stories:

Guantanamo detainees

The remaining British Guantanamo detainees return to London tonight. They are expected to be questioned by police before any decision on whether they will be arrested or released.

If US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is to be believed, there has been an agreement on how the four will be "managed" in the UK. But what is the true nature of the deal between the Bush and Blair governments and how will it be honoured?

Global disease

Also - the fight against world disease. Bill Gates, the head of Microsoft, has pledged 750 million dollars to help vaccinate children in the Third World. He's also called for world leaders to help find the 12 billion dollars needed to protect 10 million children. But is there the long-term political will to eliminate global disease and are certain diseases being prioritised at the expense of others? We'll be speaking to the head of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation.

Iraq elections

And what happens in Iraq after the elections this weekend? Will foreign troops be forced to leave and how will the new constitution work? We'll be explaining what this new era will mean for Iraq.

A spy's life

And what happens to spies whose utility is spent? We unravel the story of Victor Makarov, a senior Lieutenant in the KGB, who became a spy for MI6 at the height of the Cold War. He claims that despite risking his life for Queen and country he has now been abandoned by the British Government.

25th anniversary

This being Newsnight's 25th anniversary week, we'll also be showing you some more high and low-lights from our archive in tonight's show.

And we've put together a special anniversary site.

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Susan Watts reports on whether there is the long-term political will to eliminate global disease



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