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Last Updated: Monday, 17 January 2005, 15:58 GMT
Newsnight 17 January 2005
Jeremy Paxman

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Monday's programme, presented by Jeremy Paxman, covers the following stories:
Conservative tax

It's the pledge we've all been waiting for. The Conservatives promise to cut taxes if they win the coming general election. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Tories have singled out Whitehall as a target for the budgetary scalpel. The Tories reckon they can save 35 billion but do their sums add up and is it enough to turn the popularity tide in their direction?

Faith schools

Do Independent faith schools adequately prepare pupils for life in Britain? The answer, according to the chief inspector for schools in England, is not enough. David Bell says Muslim schools in particular are in danger of undermining 'our coherence as a nation.' Are the government's goals, of championing religious state schools and encouraging a common "British" identity, compatible?

Terror attack

Politicians, diplomats and experts from across the western world have gathered stateside to play at being world leaders, as they reconstruct the fictional scene inside a situation control room during a bio-terror attack on Europe and America. Newsnight joined them. Would we cope if it happened tomorrow?

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