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Last Updated: Tuesday, 23 August 2005, 16:52 GMT 17:52 UK
Tuesday, 23 August, 2005
Kirsty Wark
Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark

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Tonight's programme is presented by Kirsty Wark

From tonight's presenter:

Tonight we study the form in the 10.30pm Tory Leadership Steeplechase. Ken Clark is out of the stalls with a complete change of heart on the Euro - and the constitution, but will he still be wearing BAT colours? All the trainers will be in the studio; Ann Widdecombe, Ed Vaisey and Michael Brown - and we'll be hearing from (sorry!) the horse's mouth - one contender who's put hismelf out to grass already.

Jean Charles de Menezes' family and friends will be at a memorial service tonight in London. Today they received another apology from the Metropolitan Police and officials from Brazil are here making their own enquiries into his death, alongside the Independent Police Complaints Commission. But what has been the impact of Jean Charles' death in Brazil where there were some 1,100 killings by the police in 2003 in Rio alone. Will this tragedy galvanise justice there - or provide a useful political distraction for a government facing possible impeachment?

What's cooking at Gate Gourmet? They have a self imposed deadline at 5pm to reach a new commercial deal with British Airways or face possible administration. But is there a secret ingredient?

Michael Buerk has managed to whip up a storm with his views that women's emancipation is so far over the tipping point - it's resulted in emasculation. Meanwhile, a new reality show treats errant men in the same way as dogs who will not behave (your point caller?). Anyway has life for men all gone horribly wrong - and whose fault is it?

Find out on Newsnight.

Down Fido.


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