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Your views: Maharishi pulls out of UK
Natural Law Party members demonstrate "yogic flying"

As the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi declares Britain is a "scorpion nation" unworthy of learning his advanced meditation techniques, we ask Newsnight viewers if they're concerned.

Are you bothered that we in Britain will no longer benefit from the Maharishi's teachings? Are we a "scorpion nation?" Is this the end of 'yogic flying' in Britain?

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I find it sad and disappointing that the BBC treats a news item regarding the spiritual health of the nation so flippantly
Rosemary Marriott
I am extremely disappointed that TM is no longer being taught in Britain. I have been involved in the TM movement for many years, and have seen many instances of Maharishi's profound insights into various world situations. Our government's activities abroad is just one example of how the spiritual health of our nation is being jeopardised, for we are contributing great negativity and destructive power to a world that could well do without it. I find it sad and disappointing that the BBC treats a news item regarding the spiritual health of the nation so flippantly.
Rosemary Marriott, Skelmersdale

What a silly story. A pointless waste of valuable news time. Funny though.
Owen Clayton, Lancaster

Yes, yogic flying looks hilarious - and those of us who do it are the first to admit it. But I'm saddened that after 15 years of having a good laugh at it, reporters can't bother to investigate it seriously. Is it so unbelievable that meditation can create peace? Even an unusual form of meditation that fills you with so much bliss that you leap off the ground? This is too important to be laughed off. Studies published in the journal of Conflict Resolution show that when large groups of yogic flyers gather in war torn areas, war deaths and violence are reduced. The statistical probability that these results could have been due to chance was less than one in a hundred billion. I find the picture of TM and Yogic Flying created by media reports bears little connection to the reality, with astonishing factual inaccuracies repeated frequently. I wonder if there is anything I can say that would help create an understanding and am not surprised that Maharishi has stopped teaching TM in Britain. I'd give up if I were in his position, given the Government's warmongering and the unjustified hostility to TM in the media. I do hope that soon someone somewhere will look beyond the fact that yogic flying appears strange and be prepared to investigate the role it can play in peacemaking.
Nicola Escott, Skelmersdale, England

I shall continue to fly yogically to work each day, in a personal attempt to rescue our great nation from its awful fate
Steve Grant
Learning TM was one of the best things that I have done. I would readily recommend it to anyone that wants to think calmly and clearly. Hopefully the Maharishi will return to this nation and allow more people to learn to meditate and fly...
Taz, Iver

This is truly a tragedy of gargantuan proportions; since yogic flying was introduced into the UK, economic growth has improved year on year. This proves the direct link between incidences of yogic flying and the success of our economy. As a result of this we are destined to enter a period of economic decline, now that the venerable Maharishi has withdrawn his wisdom from us...this is a truly dreadful period in our history. A "scorpion nation" - no, we are a "tarantual nation", destined to poison ourselves to death. I shall continue to fly yogically on my way to work each day, in a personal attempt to rescue our great nation from its awful fate.
Steve Grant, Surrey

I was deeply disappointed and a little offended by the tone of the report on TM. I learned TM several years ago and find it extremely beneficial. It helps me to relax and improves my concentration. The fact that Maharishi Mahesh has ruled out training any more people in TM in Britain is interesting and I was very interested to see that Newsnight had a report on it. Then I realised the report was just an excuse to have a laugh. It really was unworthy of Newsnight.
Ms Sheila O'Neill, Belfast

It is with great regret that I have to admit Maharishi is absolutely correct in his evaluation
Keivan, London
Is this for real? Who cares? Not trying to belittle anyone but aren't the people who believe in Yogic flying incredibly dull? You must be to feel the need to leave your body and have another "ethereal" life. How about getting a real life and doing interesting things in that? Could be an idea. Anyway this is never gonna get read out on Newsnight although I do watch it all the time and it would be hilarious (for me anyway), so better let you get on reading some more valid viewpoints.
David, Ouston

I feel I want to visit the Maharishi and ask him to reconsider, not too give up on us.
Simon Roberts, Somerset

I am so delighted to see that the Maharishi has decided to end his "teachings" in Britain. I think this is wonderful news, and hope that other fake "gurus" will follow his example. I'm interested to see that he does not apply the same rule in the USA, despite his apparent disagreement with the war in Iraq. As for Britain being a "scorpion nation", the scorpion is a small, tough little beast which can take on and kill larger adversaries. We should be flattered.
Taff, London

So disappointed to hear that the Maharishi has stopped new initiates to TM. I went along with a friend four years ago for an induction. Very impressed but not quite convinced to cough up 500 for a weekend. Very impressed with the friend though and I married her three years later, so can recommend their course to y'all if ever the collective consciousness is less scorpionified. Must be something in the water....
Angus Fookes, Witney

TM has helped people reduce blood pressure and other health problems
Peter Chandler
It is with great regret that I have to admit Maharishi is absolutely correct in his analysis and evaluation of the state of consciousness in this country and I am afraid it is not just a matter of its leaders leading us along the wrong path but the fact that the nation as a whole lives in deep ignorance of true human values.
Keivan, London,

"Yogic flying" is no more ridiculous than the performance passing for "news" I see every night on the BBC.
William Methven, N. Ireland

That's tragic news. I'm devastated. Goodbye to Maharishi's apostles...don't forget to send a postcard.
Roderick Fountain, London

I am disappointed that it is not possible to learn the TM technique in Britain at the moment. The technique has helped massive numbers of people reduce their problems with blood pressure and other health problems from stress. We are still using the Skelmersdale Dome (shown in the item) for group meditations, though not the many other courses before British teaching was stopped.
Peter Chandler, Skelmersdale

A small country full of poison and apathy....about right I'd say...and the Yogi's pulling out confirms it...we are spiritually bankrupt....and woe betide us. You'll see...that's not a threat...it's a tragedy.
Paul Hithersay, Norwich

Having practised advanced TM techniques for a number of years I can testify to their power in dissolving negativity in the atmosphere particularly when practised in large groups. I only wish our society could realize there are peaceful ways and means to end conflicts.
Richard Deeney, Bradford

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