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To tie for...
The caption competition is now CLOSED and our editor, Peter Barron, has chosen two runners up and a winner.

The winner, and lucky recipient of a signed photo of Jeremy and one of his ties, is Maria Martinez with:

Jon: "Newsnight or Channel 4 News? It's a tie!"
Jeremy: "Aaah, yeeehsss".

The two runners-up are:

"It's not me Jeremy, look! You must have trodden in it."
Joe, Oxford

"That's nothing! Look what happens why I pull MY tie!"
A Brader, Nottingham

It was a tough choice with a lot of funny, clever, and not surprisingly, cheesy entries. You can see a selection of your suggestions below.

Recently, Jeremy interviewed Channel 4 News' main presenter Jon Snow on the vexed issue of neckwear.

Jon Snow and Jeremy Paxman
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This became one of the day's top stories after the outgoing Cabinet Secretary Sir Andrew Turnbull shocked Whitehall by suggesting civil servants should no longer have to wear neckties.

We couldn't let such a meeting pass by without taking a few pictures of the moment. Here are some of your suggestions on what they are thinking - or saying.

"My goodness, Jon, they're real starters for 10, aren't they?"
Derek Rose
Mr Paxman was so engrossed in Mr Snow's new socks that he failed to see the HUGE ink stain on his tie.
Claire, Colchester Essex

Jon: "So you see Jezza, there's little point my ditching the ridiculous tie while my ridiculous socks are still visible, Iż" Jezza: "Just answer the question; did your socks threaten to overrule you?"
Steve, Colchester

That's what university graduates are missing these days Jon...Co-ordination!
Julia, Newcastle

That's knot news!
Sally Monmousse
"My goodness, Jon, they're real starters for 10, aren't they?"
Derek Rose, Luxembourg

"Come on Jeremy, put your feet up, you're not on the BBC now!"
Ralph Critchley, Lewes

"Please answer the question. Are you proposing that civil servants no longer have to wear socks as well?"
Clive Bull, Hampshire

That's knot news!
Sally Monmousse, Billingsgate

The inaugural "longest tie on TV" competition ends in farce as the finalists argue over who has the biggest feet live on air.
Gavin Draper, Watford, Uk

Jon: "When I'm behind the news desk, I sit like this!"
Giles, London

"Jon, what will you do without your tie?" asked Paxman. "I will become a civil servant," said Jon.
Tony Tyarow, London

"No, Jeremy not only are civil servants not wearing ties, they are having to do back dips in the office like this!"
Adrian Scott, London

"We're still well ahead of the civil service. You won't see socks like this on the BBC."
David Brannan, Manchester

Peace Jeremy, don't put me on the tie rack.
Anneke Guide-Pieters, Bruges

Good evening and welcome to Shoesnight
Alice was appalled to see that Channel 4 had dedicated a whole show to her old adversaries, Tie-dledum and Tie-dledee!
Gareth Anderson, Ellesmere Port

"Come along, Mr Snow, will you admit that all these stripes confirm your aspirations to be no higher than those of a psychedelic zebra?"
Stuart, Bolton

Let's toss for it! Ties I win! Shoes, you lose!
D.Marvin, Huntingdon, Cambs.

Jon: "Newsnight or Channel 4 News? It's a tie!"

Jeremy: "Aah, yeeess
Maria Martinez, Sheffield

"I'll walk a mile in your shoes when you read the Newsnight weather, Jon."
Rob Neville, Sheffield

"Yours is as bad as mine - it's a TIE!"
Ken Malone, Gloucestershire

"Jeremy, my legs have been like this for 15 years. Thank god the viewers don't see them."
Peter Whelpton, Bournemouth

"Yes Jon, co-ordinating your socks and tie is all well and good, but shouldn't there be some relation to your shirt and trousers too?"
David, Aberdeen

"Never mind the tie Jon, what about the socks!"
Deborah, Leeds

"Oh, you should see the ones I wear with my Mickey Mouse tie..."
Philip, Leeds

"The waxwork of Jon Snow was not as flexible as they'd have liked..."
JPC, Birmingham

Jeremy: "But John, your socks don't match your tie and as for those shoes..."
Hugh Woodhouse, Brighton

"To save money, I fashion my old ties into socks. I first made these in 1982."
Peter Getkahn, Rickmansworth

Jon: "During the election, Jeremy, I learnt to fly so I could carry out more interviews than you. It's miraculous. The best tip I can give you relates to the positioning of your feet as you come in to land..."
Jeremy Whipp, Amersham

Good evening and welcome to Shoesnight.
Simon, Dublin

"Jon, your tie's ridiculous, your socks are shocking - oh, and you've left the price tag on your shoes!"
Charles Christie, Batley

"As you can see, when I activate the invisible remote control, Jon's hover shoes instantly rise above the floor."

"But Jon, do you really think that's the best way to keep your shoes out of the Glastonbury mud?"
Colin Leverett, Farnborough

"Carry on talking dear, I'll just do me "oovering"
Frank Lund, Shirrell Heath

"Jeremy, things are much better in the private sector, I got these when I joined Channel 4."
R Woolf, Canvey Island

Paxman: "Mr Snow, for the fourteenth time - did you threaten to wear that tie in public?"
Ben Dean, London

So you say it was a shoe in...
Daniel , London

The results of today's competition; it's a tie!
Nathan P. Bridle, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

Well Jeremy, if they are going to make us lose our ties - I say off with our shoes and on with our trainers!
I've heard of "Stay Creases" Jon but isn't this a little disabilitating?
Kevin Ulyett, Leeds

Auditions for the male Trinny and Susannah took a turn for the worse when the latest hopefuls arrived.
Mark Tracey, Redditch

"If we are going to tie the knot, Jon, don't you think we should do it off camera?"
Baldur Agustsson, Hythe

"That's nothing! Look what happens when I pull MY tie!"
A Brader, Nottingham

"Blimey! You wouldn't get away with those at the Beeb!"
David Ferrier, Edinburgh

"Of course they're second hand but what do you expect for a fiver? Shall I get you a pair or what?"
Steve, Stockport

"It's really very easy, Jeremy - when you go forward on the swing you lift your feet up to add to the momentum..."
Christine, Flitwick

"So what you're trying to tell me is that, in your case, it's not based on the size of your feet but the length of your tie!"
David Mc Quaid, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"What's that you say? Of course I tie my shoes!"
Derek Davis, Rochester, New York

"So I clicked my shoes together like this three times and wound up here..."
Greg, Norwich

"Paxman, my feet need a stool, get on your knees."
Sam Davies, Exeter

"Look Jeremy, I can levitate."
Tony Smith, Birmingham

"To be honest, Jeremy, I wouldn't use that rag round your neck to clean these!"
Daniel Davies, London

"I can't tell whose is better... I guess we'll have to call it a tie..."
Chrissy Mouse, Nodnol, UK

"I can go one better than you Jeremy - I kick the politicians up the backside with both at the same time."
Vincent Masterson, Luton, Bedfordshire

"The tie's just a bit of fun. The real art is in matching my shirt to the soles of my shoes."
Ariel, Oxford

"Jon, you know that bit in the Wizard of Oz when the witch's feet disappear under the house....?"
Steve, London

"Well, when I wear a tie, I must also wear new shoes - like these!"
David Brunger, Headcorn, Kent.

"Are you wearing matching boxers too, Jon?"
M McGinley, Glasgow

"It's polishing the soles of my shoes that makes me the slippery one..."

Paxman has just complimented Snow on his colourful tie. "Impressed?" demands Snow. "Then take a look at my matching socks!"
MB Jensen, Cheltenham

Tie die?
Jeremy Paxman asks whether the tie has had its day

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