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Last Updated: Monday, 22 November, 2004, 16:28 GMT
Newsnight 22 November 2004
Jeremy Paxman

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Monday's programme, presented by Jeremy Paxman, covers the following stories:
Michael Howard

Jeremy has travelled to Cornwall with the Conservative party leader, Michael Howard to see him campaigning in a county that doesn't have a single Tory MP. At the moment, the prospects of a Tory victory aren't great - if you believe the polls, ICM poll for the Guardian suggested the Conservatives trail Labour by eight points - making them as unpopular now as they were under Iain Duncan Smith. One of the papers most loyal to the party, The Sunday Telegraph, urged Mr Howard to make his move "now or never", so is he the man to take them to victory?

Ukraine presidential elections

Kiev and several other cites are filled with thousands of people with orange banners protesting against the result of the presidential elections in Ukraine in which the pro-Western opposition leader Viktor Yuschenko was announced defeated. Moscow has been quick to recognise the victory of the pro-Russia candidate Viktor Yanukovych, but independent observers from the EU and the US have said there has been "concerted and forceful" fraud. We ask what's gone on, what Russia's role in the election has been, and we speak to the head of EU's monitoring team in Kiev.

Iraq conference

Our Diplomatic Editor, Mark Urban reports live from Sharm el-Sheikh where Iraqi and other Middle-Eastern leaders are gathering to discuss the future of Iraq.

Treasury figures

Our Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders explains whether or not there's a hole in Gordon Brown's purse - as a group of economists claim the Treasury is ten billion pounds out.

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Jeremy Paxman travels to Cornwall with the Conservative party leader, Michael Howard

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