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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 November, 2004, 16:40 GMT
4 November 2004
Kirsty Wark

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Thursday's programme, presented by Kirsty Wark, covers the following stories:

Arafat's health

A very confused picture from Paris where Yasser Arafat seems to have taken a turn for the worse. In public, Palestinian officials in Paris will say only that their leader has been moved to intensive care after suffering a setback to his health. But in private at least one person has confirmed that he is now in a coma in the military hospital where he was flown to last week.

It seems clear that Mr Arafat's condition may be far more serious than they're admitting and that Palestinian officials are simply trying to buy time while they decide how best to deal with this crisis. We have the latest on his condition, and reaction from Ramallah.

EU Summit

Our Business Editor is in Brussels to meet EU leaders as they gather for a summit to talk about Europe as a mighty economic power. But behind the scenes, there's going to be lots of chat about the news from America - four more years for George W Bush.

How is Club Europe taking the news of Bush's triumph? And can it finally learn to be friends?

Bush's campaign 'architect'

In Washington DC, Mr Bush is settling right back in with a full cabinet meeting, perhaps we'll find out who's in and who's out, but one person who is more 'in' than ever, was Karl Rove, his Chief Political Advisor.

In his victory speech, George Bush called him "the architect" of the campaign. He's a man we know little about, and see little of, but Peter Marshall has been talking to people who know him to find out more about him and his winning methods.


What of the prospects of getting the new administration to sign up the to Kyoto protocol? Judging by the last four years the prospects aren't good, but our Science Editor, Susan Watts, has found out that the subject is being approached from a different angle this time.

North East referendum

And finally, the world's media turns its attention from one massive vote to another: tonight we'll have the result of the referendum asking the people of the north east of England whether they want a regional assembly.

Whether we've had enough of elections is pertinent; Is there really any need or want for another tier of local government? David Grossman is in Sunderland for the result, and mercifully there's no Electoral College to try to understand.

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