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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 October, 2004, 16:36 GMT 17:36 UK
Newsnight response to Republican complaint
The Republican's Florida campaign headquarters have criticised Greg Palast's Newsnight report on fears of a new vote scandal.

Newsnight firmly stands by the research and the subsequent report for this investigation as screened on BBC Two and published on our website.

Plainly, Mindy Tucker Fletcher does not accept our findings. She is entitled to her view and we have published her e-mail on our website.

However, we would ask why Ms Tucker-Fletcher has still not answered the most important questions.

Why hasn't she been able to deny that the Republicans in Florida will use such lists to challenge voters at the polling booths on 2 November, potentially disrupting the vote?

Can the Republicans give assurances that they are not targeting African-American areas to challenge voters?

Ion Sancho is a hugely experienced elections official with 16 years in post. He is greatly respected both sides of the fence. He stands every time as an Independent and is re-elected without opposition because all parties are confident of his fairness and efficiency. If the Republicans trust him enough to decline to run their own candidate against him - why shouldn't we trust his judgement too?

The Republicans have said we should have spoken to Bill Scheu, the election supervisor of Duval, a traditionally Democrat area. Mr Scheu, who unlike Mr Sancho was not elected, was appointed by Jeb Bush the Chairman of Bush's campaign in Florida, despite the fact he was a major Republican donor.

We haven't suggested that he is dishonest in any way and are not making any allegations against Mr Scheu. The questions we ask are for Republican Headquarters in Florida to answer.

Can Ms Tucker Fletcher explain why thousands of students have been tricked by Republican operatives into signing registrations which appear to be fraudulent and which could lose them their vote?

Does Ms Tucker Fletcher deny that voters in the African-American polling districts of Jacksonville were being filmed by a private investigator?

If she does not deny that, will she give a positive assurance that the investigators activities were not connected to the Republicans?

Newsnight reports on the big issues around the world. The result of the US presidential elections impacts around the globe, and the way it is conducted is of worldwide interest.

Newsnight does not believe that either the Democrats or the Republicans have the monopoly on dirty tricks, but it is our duty to report whatever our investigations reveal.


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