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The Secret Agent
BNP rosette
In recent years the British National Party has always denied that it's a fundamentally racist organisation.

But in a new BBC documentary - The Secret Agent - a BBC reporter went undercover to infiltrate the BNP in the north west of England. What he captured on camera in secret filming is simply shocking: BNP activists fantasising about attacking mosques with rockets and Muslims with guns; and a speech from the current BNP Chairman Nick Griffin in which he boasts that his words could lead to seven years in prison if made public.

The BNP has responded to the allegations by expelling two members.

Jackie Long looked at what the secret filming revealed.

(Council candidate, BNP)

Shoot Pakis. That's all I want to do is shoot Pakis.

Listen ...You can't fucking do this, if you're going to be a Councillor you can't talk fucking nonsense.

You can't stand up in the chamber and say that can you?

No but I can look at them and think you'll be dead soon you c***.

(Chairman, BNP)

... then you've got to stand up and do something for the British National Party because otherwise they will do for someone in your family. That is the truth.

You put some shit through their letter box?

Yeah loads of it - kept doing it weeks on end.

What did you put it through with?

You know those kids squirty guns with pump action? I went down to the park with all the dog bins, got a bucket emptied them all, went down to Park Lane washed it all around, sucked it up.

And shoved it through the letter box?

Yeah, worked a treat.

So, party leaflets were not the only thing BNP candidate Dave Midgley was putting through the doors in the run-up to the local and European elections this year. This admission of racially aggravated harassment is one of a series of astonishing revelations made by BBC reporter Jason Gwynne, after spending six months undercover as a member of the BNP in Bradford. His aim - to find out what lies behind the BNP's new image; suited respectable politicians. Keighley in Yorkshire: BNP leader Nick Griffin, captured on secret camera, focuses on a story about young white girls being sexually assaulted which has caused serious tension locally. Asian and white men are among the suspects but Mr Griffin focuses on the Asians, pointing the finger at the Koran.

... and you will find verse after verse after verse which says that you can take any women you want as long as they're not Muslim women - any woman that your right arm can own. That's the sword arm, it's the fighting arm, it's the arm you hit a white lad with a baseball bat with ... that's the sword, the fighting arm. Any woman that they can take by force or guile is theirs. If they get a non Muslim girl and they get her pregnant then her community doesn't want her and the child generally grows up to be a Muslim. And that's the way that this wicked vicious faith has expanded from a handful of cranky lunatics about thirteen hundred years ago, till it's now sweeping country after country before it all over the world ... And if you've got young children in your family, or teenage girls, or slightly older boys, or pensioners, then you've got to stand up and do something for the British National Party, because otherwise they will do for someone in your family. That is the truth. For saying that, I tell you I would get seven years if I said that outside - if I said that in front of people who would go and report it to the police.

Nick Griffin is right, he could face seven years in prison - according to a barrister who analysed his speech for the programme. He concluded that the language was designed to stir up racial hatred - a criminal offence. The tactics employed by the BNP are detailed by Andy Sykes, a senior member of the party who for the past two years has been a double agent.

(Former BNP Member)

If you have tension in any area, the BNP will go to that area, peddle its lies, put out some leaflets, tell people, "yeah you've got to be scared because X Y and Z will happen," then they step back. Then if there's any tension after that, if there's a large scale disorder, once it is over and done with, then they step forward and say "told you so, we were right." But it is actually them who whipped it up in the first place.

BNP activist Steve Barkham was at the centre of trouble on the afternoon of the Bradford riots. He boasts continually about his part in a fight with a young Asian.

... I'm kicking him. I'm kicking away, kicking away.

How did it feel when you were kicking him?

Fucking dragged me. Oh it was fucking fantastic. Dragged me inside ... so I'm like inside and I'm proper psyched up to fuck. It were fantastic. I'm looking out of the window and he's not moving ... the coppers are like lifting him up and he's not moving. His arms are all fucking floppy. His head's down. Blood coming out of his head ... I look down at my shoes. I were just covered in blood all over my shoes and that.

Steve Barkham could face up to life imprisonment for this confession to grievous bodily harm. Another meeting, this time in Burnley. The party is outraged at an accusation by the Tory leader Michael Howard, that they are just a bunch of thugs dressed up as a political party. Key note speaker, BNP founder John Tyndall, launches the party's defence.

(BNP Founder)

How far do Mr Howard's roots in this country of ours go back? His father and mother came here as Jewish immigrants from Romania in the 1930's. This interloper, this immigrant or son of immigrants, who has no roots at all in Britain, has the effrontery to talk to us about what is alien.

At his local election count, BNP candidate Stuart Williams, who repeatedly told reporter Jason Gwynne he wanted to kill Muslims and attack mosques, awaits the results.

What do you think about all this democracy lark?

Load of bollocks.

What would you do?

There's no democracy in Britain. What would I do? Close the borders.


Close the borders.

Close the borders?

And say right you've got two weeks to get out.

Stuart Williams was not elected. The BNP won four seats in Bradford. And while Nick Griffin failed to win a seat in the European Parliament, the party won five per cent of the total vote. Tonight the BNP said Steve Barkham and Dave Midgley would be expelled. Stuart Williams will face an internal disciplinary hearing. The party leader Nick Griffin, condemned the BBC's use of an agent provocateur and challenged the authorities to prosecute him.

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British National Party
Secret filming by the BBC uncoverd what lies behind the public face of the British National Party.


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