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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 June, 2004, 08:04 GMT 09:04 UK
Newsnight 15 June
Gavin Esler
Presented by Gavin Esler.

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Tony Blair gave his first news conference since the election, hoping to bring the agenda back to domestic policy and public services after last Thursday's election. But almost every question focused on this week's European summit.

So what would be the best possible result for Tony Blair? To come home with an agreement on a constitution with his "red lines" intact? Or to return empty handed but having scuppered agreement by hanging on to the red lines? We asked how best Mr Blair can put the European issue behind him.

Gavin Esler was joined by the former Europe Minister Joyce Quin and from Berlin by Elmar Brok a German MEP who is one of just two MEPs taking part in detailed negotiations on the constitutional treaty.


Britain faces a 'looming disaster' because it lacks the facilities to deal with growing mountains of rubbish. That's the warning from The Institution of Civil Engineers. With EU legislation limiting the amount of rubbish we can put in land-fill sites, we're not building enough treatment plants to cope with the waste. We found out how the government plans to cope with the problem.

We spoke to the Environment Minister with special responsibility for waste, Elliot Morley.

Longest serving Chancellor

Gordon Brown was set to become the Chancellor of the Exchequer with the longest continuous service in Number 11. But will he go down as the best? Stephanie Flanders assessed his achievements, and tried to establish where he fits in the chancellors' league table.

The record-breaking Chancellor

And to help you come to your own judgement of British chancellors, we've assembled all the information you could possibly need. And there is a quiz too.

Music download

And Paul Mason investigated how new technology is changing the music business. Apple launched its iTunes business in Europe which will allow people to download music for a small fee. Other companies are fighting for the legal downloading market. But will our increasing ability to download music from the internet be good or bad for the business, and who'll be the likely winners and losers?

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Newsnight's Stephanie Flanders
reported on where historians will put Gordon Brown in the roll call of British Chancellors.

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