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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 March, 2004, 12:23 GMT
Newsnight 3 March
Jeremy Paxman
Presented by Jeremy Paxman.

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Finding the right balance between the role of the state and individual responsibility arises again as the government says it wants us to think about our health. There's lots of the usual pleas about diet, smoking, and drinking; but how clear is the message from government on this issue?

We spoke to John Reid MP, the Health Secretary.

Lord Woolf

Far-reaching constitutional reforms have come under fire from the Lord Chief Justice.

Lord Woolf said plans for a supreme court replacing the House of Lords as the top legal body will create a "second class institution". He also singled out Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer for criticism.

The contributors to our discussion were:
Vera Baird QC MP, Labour
Dominic Grieve MP, Shadow Attorney General

US Elections

As Senator John Kerry basks in the light of almost-certain Democratic nominee, the Republican Party launched its ad campaign to try to stop him. Tom Carver was back in Washington DC for us.


And we had a special report on how the under-reported but sizeable drug problem among Muslim youngsters in parts of Britain is being exploited by the more radical Islamic groups like Hizb Ut Tahrir and al-Muj to try and push their extreme message.

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Jeremy Paxman
spoke to the Health Secretary, and asked him why he could not make up his mind about what to do over public health.

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