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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 November, 2003, 10:11 GMT
Newsnight 10 November
Jeremy Paxman
Presented by Jeremy Paxman.

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Shadow Cabinet

The newly appointed leader of the Conservative Party, Michael Howard, put the finishing touches to his first shadow cabinet - there'll be 12 posts, fewer than half the number under his predecessor, Iain Duncan Smith.

Our Political Editor, Martha Kearney examined what the appointments told us about the future direction of the party.

Steel Duties

The World Trade Organisation confirmed that US duties on imported steel introduced last year violate world trade rules. The ruling leaves Mr Bush in a quandary: if he keeps them in place he faces the wrath of the EU in the form of sanctions, but if he removes them he will risk antagonising public opinion in steel-making states, just a year before the Presidential election.

Baghdad Blogger

And an exclusive film from the co-called Baghdad Blogger, who began posting accounts of his everyday life in Baghdad on the internet a year ago. Salam Pax gave us an insight into his life before and after the removal of Saddam Hussein.

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The Baghdad Blogger
gave us an insight into his life before and after the removal of Saddam Hussein.

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