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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 October, 2003, 22:14 GMT 23:14 UK
Newsnight 8 October
Jeremy Paxman
Presented by Jeremy Paxman.

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Conservative Party Conference

Are the Conservatives a tax cutting party or not? Mixed messages from the party's conference in Blackpool as the Shadow Chancellor, Michael Howard, claims he'll cut taxes in government - but won't commit to when.

Martha Kearney interviewed Michael Howard about his economic plans, plus the future of Iain Duncan Smith's leadership.

Rio Ferdinand

The continuing struggle between football players and those officials attempting to regulate the game came to a head. The new chief of the Football Association flexed his muscles and decided that Rio Ferdinand could not play for England whilst being investigated after failing to attend a routine drug testing.

Throughout the morning rumours from the England camp suggested that the players were considering hitting back by boycotting the match against Turkey.

Peter Marshall brought us the latest.


From Terminator to Governor: How will Arnie fare as CEO of the world's fifth largest economy? His election campaign was short on detail and the first priority for the actor will be to get the Californian economy back on track. What does the election of the Kindergarten Cop say about the state of American politics?

Our correspondent in LA, Tom Carver, attempted to analyse a story so far fetched it could be a Coen Brothers script.

French Islam

We reporting from Paris on government attempts to create a French Islam that can exist within a secular state. Allan Little looked at the French fear of radicalism that could prompt an Islamic reformation.

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Newsnight's Martha Kearney
interviewed Michael Howard about his economic plans.

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08 Oct 03  |  Politics
Ferdinand dropped over drug row
07 Oct 03  |  England
Victorious Arnie faces tough role
08 Oct 03  |  Americas


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