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Robin Denselow
Robin Denselow
Robin Denselow is a graduate in English at New College, Oxford and joined the BBC as a producer and reporter on the African Service.

He then worked as a producer on 24 Hours, The Money Programme and then as a reporter on Panorama.

He joined Newsnight as a full-time reporter when the programme first started in 1980, later presented the BBC2 music programme 8 Days A Week and then returned to Panorama.

Since 1992 , he has reported for Newsnight on major stories from all around the world, from Somalia, South Africa and Rwanda to India, Indonesia and Kosovo. Recently he has been to Congo, Pakistan and did a 3 month stint in Iraq.

He has also covered domestic issues such as the Lawrence Inquiry.

In 1993 his report on 'Gulf War Syndrome' won the International TV Programming Award at the New York TV Festival, and in 1999 he won the One World Broadcasting Trust Television News Award for his report on the Third World debt and the education crisis in Tanzania.

He writes on popular and World music for the Guardian and is the author of a history of political pop, When The Music's Over.


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