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Episode 8: Our Business is North

It's 24 hours until war begins. Kenneth Branagh as Colonel Tim Collins rallies his troops ahead of the invasion. (UK only)

Kenneth Branagh as Colonel Tim Collins

Final 10 Days to War

Juliet Stevenson Episode 1: A simple private matter

Art Malik Episode 2: $100 Coffee

Stephen Rea Episode 3: These things are chaos

Tom Conti Episode 4: Why this rush?

Episode 5 of 10 Days to War Episode 5: Blowback

Episode 6 of 10 Days to War Episode 6: You are welcome here

10 Days to War - Episode 7 Episode 7: Failure is not an Option

Directors and producers explain aims and challenges of making the series.

Journalist Sarah Oliver recalls watching the famous eve of war speech.

Viewers give their responses to the 10 Days to War series and issues raised.

A look back Newsnight's 2003 coverage of the run up to the start of the Iraq war.

Newsnight's editor reflects on the programme's foray into the genre of drama.

Newsnight interviews and discussions with to key figures depicted in dramas.


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