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Last Updated: Monday, 3 March 2008, 18:27 GMT
10 Days to War - Episode Guide
Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Branagh stars as Colonel Tim Collins in the final drama
Kenneth Branagh, Toby Jones, Juliet Stevenson, Art Malik and Stephen Rea head an all-star cast in a series of gripping short dramas about the countdown to war in Iraq.

The BBC Two drama series - running 10.30pm each week night from 10 March 2008 - marks the fifth anniversary of the invasion and will be screened on consecutive nights ahead of Newsnight.

Each episode will dramatically tell a story that urgently came into focus on that very day five years ago and the issues raised by the films will be discussed on Newsnight.

Part thriller, part political drama, each film will take the viewer to worlds the news cameras couldn't reach - the UN, the Military, the Foreign Office and, of course, Iraq on the eve of war. The series is written by Ronan Bennett.

Episode 1 - A Simple Private Matter - Monday 10 March, 2008

Juliet Stevenson
Juliet Stevenson stars in the first episode - A Simple Private Matter
A Simple Private Matter stars Juliet Stevenson and Kate Ashfield in a behind the scenes drama set in the Foreign Office.

While Tony Blair faces a TV grilling by a group of anti-war women, one of the government's senior lawyers faces a personal crisis and plans her resignation. Director Bruce Goodison.

Episode 2 - $100 Coffee - Tuesday 11 March, 2008

Art Malik
Art Malik in $100 Coffee
There are just 9 days left until the invasion begins and in the hills of Northern Iraq a coalition of religious and political leaders meet to discuss how they will run the country in the aftermath of war.

A story of political machinations and personal risk. $100 Coffee stars Toby Jones, Art Malik and Igal Naor. Director Bruce Goodison.

Episode 3 - These Things are Always Chaos - Wed 12 March, 2008

Stephen Rea
These Things Are Always Chaos stars Stephen Rea
Stephen Rea plays General Tim Cross, a man with a mission. For weeks he has been the British deputy at the US led Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Aid (ORHA) in Washington.

Today he's flown back to London with some very bad news. But will anyone listen? Director David Belton.

Episode 4 - Why This Rush? - Thursday 13 March, 2008

Tom Conti
Why This Rush? Tom Conti as the battle moves to save the UN
A diplomatic battle raging at the UN where the British and Americans are intensely lobbying for a second resolution that will authorise war. They are met by fierce hostility and resistance by countries who want to give the weapons inspectors more time in Iraq.

Patrick Malahide and Tom Conti feature in this story of a diplomatic poker game where the fate of the UN itself is at stake. Director David Belton.

Episode 5 - Blowback - Friday 14 March, 2008

10 Days to War begins 10 March 2008
Week night dramas on BBC Two, 2230GMT
Political, legal and military ramifications of war
War is less than a week away but a battle is being fought for the streets.

Blowback tells the gripping and revealing story of a how a community fights back against radical Islamists recruiting young men for jihad. Director Bruce Goodison.

Episode 6 - You Are Welcome Here - Monday 17 March, 2008

It's the final countdown - 3 days to war. UN diplomacy has died, but on the ground in Iraq the weapons inspectors continue their fruitless search. A day of chaos and fear ends with a shocking bit of news which brings home the reality of war for everyone.

You Are Welcome Here stars Kerry Shale, Stephane Cornicard. Director Bruce Goodison.

Episode 7 - Failure is not an Option - Tuesday 18 March, 2008

Harriet Walter
Harriet Walter plays a Labour MP undecided on how to vote
It's the day of the Commons vote on war. Harriet Walter and Adrian Rawlins play MPs facing mutual crises of conscience in the face of intense lobbying and pressure from a Whip in the shape of Alex Jennings.

A day of extreme emotions culminates in a vote that will not only decide whether we go to war, it will also seal the fate of the Prime Minister. Director David Belton.

Episode 8 - Our Business is North - Wednesday 19 March, 2008

Kenneth Branagh
Our Business is North - the brink of war for British troops
It's 24 hours until war begins. Kenneth Branagh is Colonel Tim Collins, the charismatic commander of the Royal Irish Regiment stationed on the Kuwait/Iraq border. The politicians and diplomats have failed, now it's down to the soldiers. Collins rallies his troops with a speech that comes to be celebrated round the world for its ferocity and humanity.

But how will it affect his soldiers? And how will Collins deal with the unrest and fear within his own regiment? Director Bruce Goodison.

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