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Back to school

Child doing school work
More or Less
Friday, 10 September 2010
BBC Radio 4, 1330 BST

As the nation's school-children go back to the classroom after their summer break we take a look at what they'll be learning there.

We find out that many parents simply wouldn't recognise primary school maths today.

Read more on why parents can't do maths today.

Disability numbers

Rob Eastaway shows the 'grid' and 'chunking' methods children are now taught

In response to a listener's email, we explain the origin of the statistic that there are over 10 million disabled people in the UK.

Visa squeeze

The Home Office minister Damian Green gave his first major speech on immigration this week.

He shot out some figures about student visas. We examine them.

How many of us would there be today if WWI hadn't happened?

Lost generation

Another listener asked us to work out what the global population would be today, if the First World War hadn't happened.

Difficult - not least because it's hard to know what the war did to the population back then - but we try.

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